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“Jim k. Came out to my home and did a complete job of gathering the information needed to make sure that the proper equipment and furnace would be installed.I would and will recommend this company great job!!”

– Larnell C.

“Jim k. Came out to my home and did a complete job of gathering the information needed to make sure that the proper equipment and furnace would be installed.I would and will recommend this company great job!!”

– Larnell C.

“Jim k. Came out to my home and did a complete job of gathering the information needed to make sure that the proper equipment and furnace would be installed.I would and will recommend this company great job!!”

– Larnell C.

“The entire Answer team was extremely professional. The three different package options presented were very clear and detailed. Great to work with on financing. The install team was friendly and professional and their work was incredibly tidy and good looking when it was done.”

– Tyler K.

“Both Bob & Andrew were very knowledgeable about the product and were able to answer my questions. Both technicians get a 5 star rating from me and if/when I need anything else replaced by Answer Heating & Cooling, I know I would be in good hands with these men.”

– Jeff S.

“I called Sunday evening because our furnace went out. The very nice lady who answered the phone said she would have a tech call me back. He did within a few minutes. The tech was at our house at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. He replaced a part and we were back up and running. Thank you all so much for the very quick and excellent service.”

– Angie H.

“Jim is an excellent salesperson. We totally trust his recommendations. Alex and Ethan did a fantastic job installing our water heater. Answer is the only hvac company we use!”

– Carol M.

“Alex M and his partner were excellent!! They were friendly, courteous and provided me with everything I needed to be able to use my new system. We had a wonderful experience with Answer Heating and Cooling and would gladly use them again.”

– Jennifer P.

“Bob and Andrew did a great job in the installation of our Boiler. They were polite and courteous. Answered questions that I had.

Answer Heating and Cooling were great to work with through the process! Highly recommend them!”

– Bradley H.

“Unable to access review via google platform, keeps taking me around in circles!
Service by Tyler was excellent- prompt, efficient, courteous and he answered all my questions. Thank you.”

– Kathryn C.

“Bob and Andrew were very thorough. They were diligent and worked hard. They cleaned up nicely. They took time to show and explain their work. They made sure we were satisfied”

– lori j.

“I have had all of my heating and cooling work done with Answer Heating & Cooling for the last 15+ years. They have done a great job for me since I switched to them so I stick with what works. When my wife and I noticed that our water heater was not working properly last week, we were not overly concerned. Yesterday we were met with cold water, no matter how long we ran the hot water. Now we were concerned. I called Answer this morning and spoke with Jim. I could not believe my luck when he told me that he could have somebody out today. Jim then had an appointment set up for 12:30 today to replace our old water heater. Bob, the technician, shows up and immediately starts in on replacing the water heater. I was surprised at how quickly he was able to remove the old one and install the new one. The price on the new water heater, with installation, was actually less than what I expected. Pleasant surprise! Bob was very courteous and answered whatever questions I had. Thanks Bob!!!”

– Jeffrey S.

During a customer follow up call, Tom stated, “your guys are always polite when they come here, great service! That’s why I stick around!”

Tyler is great, a good guy. He even played with my dog a few minutes. I appreciate all you guys do for me.


Customer stated “Gabe was great, came in and got the issue taken care of, did a cleaning and had the filter on the truck that I needed and had everything done in one trip, it was perfect. Thank you!”

Brian & Tim were friendly & courteous! The work was done in the time frame given, even a little earlier! Thank you.

Very impressed with Brian & Tim, both as ambassadors & technicians. Their visit was an enjoyable event for us!

During a customer follow up call, Mark said that “Chris is a really good guy, answers all their questions, excellent work. He even put s up with our three German Shepard’s that like to come down and see what he is up too! So that’s great too.”

During a customer follow up call, he stated “Dean was exceptional very knowledgeable, nice guy! great job.”

During a customer follow up call Jim stated, “it was enjoyable to have Matt here, he knew exactly what needed to be fixed., and took care of it. He wore boot covers even though I told him he didn’t need to.”


Had we known of the difference, ( higher quality recommendations & services ) Answer would have been our HVAC provider when we built our home in 1998! Now we know, and are telling friends & neighbors!

During a customer follow up call, Patricia stated that “Tyler did a wonderful, thorough job as usual, very polite. Don’t send anyone else we love Tyler!”

During a follow up call the customer stated “Dean was very neat & orderly pleasant guy. he was very nice and got us back up and running with heat, very thankful!”

During a customer follow up call Cleo stated that Dave is super, just a great guy. He always does a terrific job!

During a follow up call with the customer he stated that “Matt is a real good kid, very polite, good job I would like to request him anytime I need someone to come out in the future.”



Thanks for spending time with my husband and myself yesterday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed your time with us today  all andof your suggestions and tweaks to our HVAC systems. We have already notices positive changes in our first floor temperatures even without taking off 1/2″ from the bottom of the door to the master bathroom. We are looking forward to your proposals for upgrading our current system.

You were slightly higher than another company, but we felt comfortable with you!

The guys were very professional and respectful. We felt like we were in good hands. The workmanship was above our expectations. Code violations were pointed out to us done at time of our previous furnace installation. We appreciated learning about those!

Liz called in to let us know that during a recent service from a Duct cleaning company, the guys were very impressed with our quality of filter being used in their system. Yes it  costs more than a big box store filter,  but much better quality! She wanted to make sure we knew this. A great compliment!

During a follow up call I spoke to Maggie from Saginaw. She stated that Matt was very, very polite and kind. Wore is boot covers, absolutely a 5 star on his service.

Tyler was very meticulous and explained things thoroughly, just a super young man. I will be using you guys as long as I live in this house for sure.


Great working with your crew. they were polite and cooperative, well done.

Dryer vent installed. Brian and Patrick were professional, personable and did extra details like cleaning the floor behind the dryer before pushing it back into place

very professional and knowledgeable. willing to answer any questions. provided a temporary fix until parts can be obtained. Showed concern regarding safety issues. Would highly recommend.

Response from Answer Heating & Cooling

Good morning, We really appreciate the business and five star review. We will be in contact soon. Have a great day! The Answer team.

Matt, and Patrick  were awesome! They were on time, polite, courteous, respectful and knew what they were doing! They all took time to answer all my questions with knowledge and respect. Matt made sure I knew all they had done and how to change the new furnace filter, run the new thermostat and how to switch over to the AC when the time comes. They put up with me, my son, my three dogs and my cat! I can’t say enough nice things about them.
If you ever need a furnace and A/C system Answer Heating and cooling is who you need. Ask for Matt and his team!


Response from Answer Heating & Cooling

Good Morning Suzanna, Thank you for your business and the fantastic review! We certainly appreciate the five stars and glowing testimony. We think our team is pretty great as well! Our service team is just as awesome and will be ready to do your annual check in 2023. Happy Holiday’s from the Answer team.

During a follow up call to our customer Brian, he stated that Clayton was very polite courtesy and helpful in every aspect- give him a 10! it’s important WHO comes out to fix the issue as well as getting it fixed and I appreciate you guys!

Matt, Patrick and Arlin were awesome! They were on time, polite, courteous, respectful and knew what they were doing! They all took time to answer all my questions with knowledge and respect. Matt made sure I knew all they had done and how to change the new furnace filter, run the new thermostat and how to switch over to the AC when the time comes. They put up with me, my son, my three dogs and my cat! I can’t say enough nice things about them.
If you ever need a furnace and A/C system Answer Heating and cooling is who you need. Ask for Matt and his team!

Clayton was very polite courtesy and helpful in every aspect- give him a 10! it’s important WHO comes out to fix the issue as well as getting it fixed and I appreciate you guys!

Clayton is a wonderful person. he is amazing, smart nice and super guy. the other guys have been great as well. Clayton was the first technician to come out here when we bought the house. We just appreciate you all so much

Dean was very kind, professional, answered my questions, he was patient. He really was excellent. He put the boot covers on each time he came back in the house!

Response from Answer Heating & Cooling

“Chris was one of the, if not the best technicians I have had. He was just wonderful. “

Response from Answer Heating & Cooling

“Dave did a really good job, thorough , informative couldn’t have been better. To put it in perspective we also had to have a plumber come out because our hot water heater went out. He was terrible. My wife and I both said boy I wish he could have been a little bit like the Answer technician that came here. We will be calling you again. “

Very pleasant, professional technician. Explained things well and offered options

Clayton is great, he always has a smile. We have had him coming to our home a long time now.

Great work done by the Tech, and he explained everything he was doing.

Dave was very helpful. He came out and got our heat back up and running. The house is warm now. We really appreciate the service technician coming out on a Saturday.

Dave did a great job. He explained everything he was doing to us. I will take him anytime to come back out here.

Tyler was great. He answered all my questions and was very informative. He did tell me I need to consider a new unit before the next year. He said my current unit should get me through the summer. He is a keeper that one. Everyone in the office is very good too!

I just can’t say enough good about him. With the repair it is like night and day now. Chris is a good guy, great job.

I was very impressed in the fact that I told Tyler he did not need to keep the boot covers on while coming in and out and he told me, oh no I am supposed to wear them when coming in to a customers home. So he did put them on and off even though I told him he didn’t have to!

Clayton was wonderful as usual! He has been to our home so many times over the years he is just like family to us.

Tyler is a fine young man, so very polite & professional. A great salesperson too, he sold me on the maintenance plan! He showed me I had backup batteries on my T-stat that I had no idea they were even there! Very good job.

Gabe went above and beyond with our maintenance visit. A 6 plus!

Jim came out for an estimate. I wanted to share-compliment him, even though I did tell him. It is very important and worth passing along to all workers, how important it is to talk accordingly to the customers. We both wear hearing aides and Jim talked in an easy to follow-understand speed, and tone.  There is nothing worse than when workers who talk so fast we have to tell them to slow down. We really appreciated the fact that he was very professional and took the time to explain what he was going to do for us as well. A great job!

– oh my goodness, Michael was just great-super. You couldn’t have sent a better man to help me. He explained my system to me, showed me some things. He answered my questions and then some. if I have to call again for anything I definitely want Mike to come back, he was very professional. Thank you so much.

Matt was absolutely phenomenal! He did a really good job. He showed me things that I should-could do with my system that I never knew or was shown before. He is a real gem in your company. A one service.!

Chris was our technician and he was just great. Very informative and filled me in on some different things regarding my system. Fantastic, very good job.

Gabe was great, explained how system works and answered all his questions. a five for sure.

Gabe came to do our maintenance the other day and he was just great! He took the time to explain how our system works and answered all the questions I had for him. He was a five for sure!

Tyler is just great, he has been here before and I want to request him from now on. He was truthful and just great.

Everything was great! Joel was awesome. Talked me through finding the best system for our house. Clean & honest & pricing.  Brian & Andrew did a great job on the install. The work looks great & everything was cleaned up, thank you!!

Clayton is and always has been wonderful when he comes to our home. We always ask for him as our technician of choice. He just does a great job.

Tyler was phenomenal! I would like to have him as my preferred technician.

“Dean and a new employee to the company came out to the house for a recheck of a problem that was not resolved by a different tech the prior day. They were very thorough and took time to test completely. The result was close to the same as the prior service call but I felt way more confident with the plan presented. I will continue to use the company as a result of this call. I appreciate the effort put in to customer satisfaction!
Thank you!!!”

– Julia R.

Tyler was very good. Really knowledgeable and he wore boot covers when he came in our home. Good job.

“From beginning until the moment they left, they were professional, expert workmen. They were courteous, patiently answered our questions, worked very competently and impressed us with all aspects of our installation. They left the area clean and tidy, and explained to us in detail all they had done. The caliber of their work and their demeanor were both amazing attributes, far above and beyond that of our experiences with many miscellaneous service people we have dealt with in the past. We heartily recommend Answer to anyone requiring HVAC work of any kind. You will be glad you chose them!”

– Linda W.

I was very happy and pleased with Mark & Alex. They were very patient and explained and answered my questions. Did a great job. Joel also. Your company has a great team!! Even your electrician answered my questions.

“Matt I and Bob G did an excellent job! Very courteous and very professional! They explained everything as they did the installations. We would highly recommend Answer Heating and Cooling to our friends and neighbors! We want to thank Matt and Bob again for their work and service!”

– Robert M.

Jim was very helpful in our decisions of which furnace & AC to buy.  Mat & Bob were very friendly, professional & efficient with the installation. We will recommend Answer Heating to our friends – great people!

Matt & Bob were excellent in workmanship, friendly, courteous, knowledgable of what they were doing.  They cleaned up when they were done and asked if there were any questions.  Answer and it’s workers have always done a great job!

“Mat and Bob were knowledgeable; focused and committed technicians. These young men spent three full days here removing an old boiler and replacing it with a newer energy efficient model. Their work is impeccable. Their professionalism obvious. They were polite and kind. Our golden retriever loved them and we appreciated that they acknowledged her every day. Would highly recommend Answer H&C (especially Mat and Bob).”

– Randy K.

Brian was fabulous. Very respectful & considerate. Answered all questions I had during & after installing. Brian seemed to enjoy what he does, very organized. Andrew was also respectful & considerate. Always smiling, very enjoyable & professional.

– Rose M.

Mat & Bob were professional, productive and respectful. Answer Heating & Cooling can feel confident and proud in the excellent work ethic these two men exhibited. We were (and are) extremely satisfied in the work they’ve done here.

-Randy & Elizabeth K.

Dean was just wonderful, very polite and courteous. He did a thorough job. We have always trusted and called Answer Heating & Cooling for our service.

“My heat exchanger went out on my furnace. The type of exchanger I had was in short supply. They were able to locate one for me quickly. The office staff was professional and answered my questions. Matt was the tech that came out and he kept me informed on what was happening and how long to take. He was patient in answering all of my questions. He left the work area cleaner than it was before he started the repair. It took 3 days from my first call to the job being finished. I’m very happy with the service. If I have any more HVAC issues they will be my first call and my recommendation to anyone looking for work to be done.”

– John H.

We appreciated the installers coming early to avoid the snow storm and getting it completed in one day. Alex and Mark were nice to work with.

-Randall & Janet

Job took longer than estimated time but was fine. Crew was very courteous and answered all my questions. Matt even phoned in regards to drain going to sump pump after. You are very lucky to have such good workers.

-Linda L.

The job was awesome. Staff was on time, cleaned up the area well and were courteous and kind. They took the time to explain their work and the equipment.

-Ken & Lorie M.

Jim did a good job of matching us up with the furnace. Mat & Bob did an EXCELLENT job of installing. They answered all my questions and made sure I understood the operation of the units. Overall rating 7 1/2 out of 5 stars!!


Joel was very prompt and professional in reviewing what system met our needs and answered our questions ahead of time.

Mat & Bob & support crew were very efficient and took the time to revamp the ductwork (return side) to improve the layout.

-Jim & Kristine

Thanks for your work! I was concerned about a late December install, but all went well. Thank you to the install team of Matthew, Mark, and Alex. And thanks to Tyler for his followup on the thermostat questions.

-Jeffrey & Marie F

When I tried to call in the morning your phone kept disconnecting me. Chris the assessor did a great job. Alex & Bob the installers were kind, courteous, and educated as well. Your workers are very professional and effective.

-Barry F

The guys did a great job on the removal of the old water heater and the installation of the new one. They answered all my questions. They work well together as a team.

-Todd & Julie B

Very satisfied with the quality of work and the customer service received. The workers were very polite, worked quietly and went beyond expectation in offering to assist with anything seen or asked. I could only hope for this quality of customer service and they delivered it.

-Johnnie& Sabrina

Mat and Bob did excellent work. They were a pleasure to talk to and answered all of my dumb questions. I will recommend your company and will will ask for Mat in the near future to do a water heater for me. Very polite.

-Al & Dianne

The two service technicians who completed the work at my home were great. I don’t know anything about furnaces or water heaters but I do know I’m not worried about those things now. Having your company there to help is a comfort to me. Thank you! I will refer you to others!

-Susan R

Great company to work with. We highly recommend this company! Great communication every step of the way. Thank you again for everything.

-Bob & Ashley

“The whole process from picking both products with Jim, and having Mathew and Bob in our house was extremely friendly with the best business practices incorporated with our purchase. All phone calls answered promptly by Jim.
Matt and Bob were very courteous and FOCUSED on the job at hand. Pleasant, answered all question in a professional manner. Having been a supervisor at GM, I’d take these guy without question.”

– Jack R.

Mat & Bob were the best to work with: kept focused on the job, answered all questions put to them. They were courteous, friendly, punctual. I like to understand how things work. I asked if I could do anything with what he was showing & explaining. The reply was direct & courteous: no best to leave it for the service people.


-Jack & Paulette

Brian and Andrew were a pleasure to work with. They were very precise in the way they did their job. They made sure everything was correct and answered every question I asked. We thank them for a job well done.

-Randy & Mary

Mat and Bob were great. Probably some of the most professional installers I’ve ever had work on any job! My only feedback on the opportunity side would have been to better understand the actual scope and amount of piping that would be used.

-John B

The workers were very courteous and showed up early. It was very clean and professional. Not all companies have workers that care enough to do such a good job. We are very happy with them. Thank you so much!

-Justin & Lacey M

Prompt response to our water heater issue. Replacement was quick and correct. Will definitely use your company again for any issues. Thank You!


Everyone was very nice and gave me all the information that I asked about. Very happy with the air conditioning you put in and I know I will be happy with this generator. Thank You.

-Janice D

Job started later than expected due to another job that had unexpected problems. (It happens) But once Mat and Bob arrived they were quick to get started and Mat and Bob were both very professional in every way possible. Thanks Guys!

-Kristina & Kyle

Thanks! Very courteous & friendly, and patiently answered our questions. Alex, Mark, & Andrew seemed to work well together. 🙂

-Thomas & Naomi

Mat & Bob did a great job! Very Satisfied. Answer has always taken good care of our heating & cooling needs.


Workers Mat & Bob are diligent, hard working employees. Respectful most of all. Saw their heart felt concern when while installing AC, and saw we needed a furnace because existing one was cracked and leaking carbon monoxide.

-Maria H

From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO MUCH for going above and beyond my expectations with a wonderful team of professionals who were able to install the new air conditioner & furnace in one day. We have to leave Sunday, because we have reservations on Monday & we can’t afford to lose our sizable deposit. Now we will be able to continue on to FL for the winter. Jim followed up & made this possible. I’m so grateful!

-Michael & Halene

I was impressed with their friendly & courteous manners. I was introduced to each worker by name. They worked fast & got everything done sooner than expected.

-Joan G

All the guys did a very good job, and cleaned everything up. Furnace is working good seems great to have heat. The weather wasn’t good pouring rain at times, but it didn’t slow them down. Nice job!

-Coral C

I could not believe the kindness of the men who came to my home. They did not squander or fritter the time away. I am pretty sure they finished before they thought they would. Very business like.


We are really enjoying our new furnace and heat pump. It is so quiet we hardly know it’s running. The temperature in the house is very content which we noticed right away. Great job!

-John & Kathy L

“We always have a good experience with Answer. Their techs are always polite, experienced, professional and timely. That is why we always come back to your company for work. Furnace, Air Conditioner, Generator and now Tankless System.”

-Guy & Michelle W.

” The team was prompt, and got the job done quickly. From start to finish the experience was great. I will be contacting your company for my future needs.”

-Jared P.

“Here’s a “P. S.” to our favorable review of Chris’s recent service call. As I mentioned, he informed us of the importance of a good carbon monoxide detector, properly located in our home. Today the detector Chris sold us went off. We had lost power and we were running a generator in an open garage, which should be ok. But the furnace is in a closet right in the garage. The furnace fan was running and sucking in the generator’s fumes, and distributing them throughout the house. We opened up and put the generator in the front yard. Thanks, Chris!”

– Mary A.

“Chris was prompt and efficient. With a cheerful demeanor, he explained the issues with our older A/C and with our permission, made improvements on the spot. He also educated us about the importance of having an effective carbon monoxide detector and where it should be placed to do the most good. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional HVAC expert.”

– Mary and Bob A.

“The techs installing were great they explained everything to me & answered all my questions. They are both a asset to your company I would definitely give them a A+++”

– Connie W.

“I would highly recommend (Answer) to anyone, very professional and have very high work ethics. Very satisfied with everything”

– Joyce K.

“Very pleased with the very prompt service, from the estimate to the order, to completion of the job, all the staff I dealt with were polite and knowledgeable. Despite the downpour during the job, the crew made very little mess and cleaned up afterwards very well.”

– Kristina S.

“Your team arrived early & set to work immediately. All were professional & courteous. They did the job quickly & without fuss, even adding a few little things I did not expect. They explained their work before departing & left our place clean we are very impressed.”

– Eileen B.

“All the men were very pleasant and provided excellent customer service. They were on-time, cleaned up their mess and made sure we understood how to operate the thermostat. I’d gladly give a referral to friends, family & neighbors!”

– Darlene C.

“On 6-10-21, we had a dual service visit with a 1 yr. check on our new furnace and a clean/check on our AC. Chris F. was our technician and he did a fine job. He was professional and friendly. He offered suggestions to improve our overall health and comfort. He continued the fine experience we have had with Answer and will be welcome at our home on future visits.”

– Gary W.

“Matt and Andrew are very professional and did an excellent job. Good follow up and advice by Jim.”

– Marc & Marylen F.

“Mathew did a great job removing my old Furnace and installing the new one the installation area was cleaned up, you wouldn't know it was installed area looked great and he was easy to talk to and very professional in his job. I would recommend his work to anyone I know needing Furnace service. He explained how to maintain it and assisted me with getting the sensi app setup on my cell phone great guy”

– Mark E.

“Evan did a great job removing my old AC System and installing the new one the installation area was cleaned up, you wouldn’t know it was installed area looked great and he was easy to talk to and very professional in his job. I would recommend his work to anyone I know needing AC service”

– Mark E.

“Our whole experience with Answer was really good. We have a large home with two furnaces and the upstairs unit failed. Your scheduler got us in as soon as possible, but there was a cancellation. She called us back to ask permission to have an Answer Technician show up within the hour moving us forward by over a day. Tyler showed up within the hour. He was very professional and polite. He got the unit running promptly but found a couple other items that could cause a problem that could lead to costly future repairs. I am an Electrical Engineer and every thing he discussed with me made perfect sense. I had him replace the components we discussed. He also found a water leak on the lower floor furnace and fixed the leak problem. As I have COPD, I asked him about air purification systems that could improve air quality in the house. He was very knowledgeable and I decided to ask him to install the recommended system on both furnaces. He returned to your shop and picked up both units and installed them within a couple hours. I had made arrangements with another heating and cooling contractor for annual routine maintenance. They were unreliable. I was so satisfied with my Answer experience, I asked Tyler to sign us up for Answer annual maintenance service. He explained it well to me and now we are under contract with Answer for our heating and cooling maintenance. I am totally satisfied with the entire Answer experience.”

– Joseph C.

“We had a new furnace and air conditioner installed Decemeber 2020. Our experience was 100% positive. Joel is very knowledgeable of all the products and explained things in a way we could understand. He took the time to listen to our needs and met all of them. Our installers Matthew and Evan were beyond professional. They arrived on time and alerted us to each step, as was needed. Matthew spent extra time with us explaining the new thermostat and helping to get us set up with the phone app. They completed the project in the timeframe we were given. We really appreciated their patience with us as we had houseguests that included our one year grandson and a pretty hyper dog. I would definitely choose Answer Heating and Cooling for another project.”

– Cindy W.

“Answer Heating and Cooling gets the highest performance ratings from us. Starting with Joel who offered several options for selecting a new furnace and AC unit to fit our home and answering many questions we had. Then with the installation and start-up, Alex, Jeff, and Cash did a TERRIFIC job installing our new Daikin 98% efficient gas furnace, coil, and AC unit with professionalism not often seen. They were courteous and very skilled in their trade. The equipment was installed and ran without any issues. They involved me when deciding on routes for wiring and vents. They put down drop cloths to protect flooring, and even wore their face masks during a challenging period of time. My wife and I could not be happier with their work. Now that it is getting hot and humid, we really enjoy the AC unit.

I have used Answer Heating for repairs on our old furnace but when it was time to replace it, I would not select anyone else. The overall cost was very competitive and they excelled at customer satisfaction. THANK YOU GUYS!!!”

– Brian P.

“Initially installation of new furnace, central air & hot water tank was scheduled to take two days. The whole crew zipped in here at 8:00 Wednesday morning ; dismantled the old appliances & started installing the new ones. They were finished with installation & clean up by 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. Very impressed by their efficiency, knowledge & speed in completing our project. They were also very courteous.”

– Vernon J.

“I want to thank answer &cooling for taken care of the problem I really thank you you fix the problem I have heat god bless you”

– Thomas W.

“Answer Mgr., MaryAnn and I are completely satisfied with the way the folks from your company (Joel,Alex and Jeff) handled our replacement A/C and gas furnace needs. The entire experience for us was as we had hoped and then some. As far as we're concerned you sent the "A" team and those were the results we got! Thanks again,Bob A.”

– robert a.

“Matt and Jake were AWESOME!!! They were efficient, kept the areas clean, and explained the new equipment and function. We have 3 large dogs and they were very patient as we had to move the dogs around as they moved thru their install (outside yard, inside house for thermostat, and signing off inside kitchen). I couldn’t ask for a better team to do our install. Thank you Matt & Jake!!! Also want to give a shout out to Joel. He’s very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the various options so we can make an informed choice. Great team!”

– Tracy B.

“My wife and I are extremely pleased with the replacement of our old furnace with our new one by Answer Heating & Cooling. From the initial contact with Joel to the installation by Jeff and Alex, the entire project was a great experience. Joel's expertise and advice explained how to effective correct the uneven heating and cooling problem we were having. The installation of the new furnace and A/C unit were done professionally by Jeff and Alex without a hitch. The guys were very courteous and respectful and made sure the basement was left neat and clean at all times. I will gladly contact Answer Heating for any future projects and continue to use them as our heating and cooling contractor. Thanks Answer for a great job!!!!”

– Ron & Linda S.

“We are vary pleased with the job performed installing heat pumps at our home. The young men are knowledgeable and proficient at their work. I will recommend to anyone Answer Heating & Cooling.”

– Randall L.

Both Alex and Jeff were very professional and explained a number of things that they were doing during the installation. They were neat and organizes in their work and careful when they brought things in and out of the house.

-Katherine H.

We had a lot of questions at the end of each work day and Matthew & Jake took the time to listen & answer in terms we could understand. They worked hard everyday. There was NO inappropriate language often heard on job sites. They were so pleasant!! And the basement was cleaned up better than it was when they arrived. GREAT JOB!!!

-Glenn S.

Matt Isotalo and Jake Oldham did and exceptional job installing my new furnace in such a small area. Not only were they courteous, but very clean. Thank you for the great job!

– Sarah B.

“We had commercial work done which consisted of a new furnance, A/C unit and a Zone control system. The service techs that came out could not have been more cordial and professional. Cleaned up all messes they created and kept us informed of when they would return the next day and what they had yet to accomplish. Work was completed in a very timely manner and we could not be happier! We had a few quotes for this job and glad we choose Answer Heating and Cooling to take care of it for us!!”

– Allen Supply S.

Everything went smoothly from the moment they walked in the door to when they completed the install. Very satisfied and will be pleased to have the opportunity to recommend in the future.

-Jim G.

The job was completed ahead of scheduled estimated time of completion. If we need other services that you provide, we will call you again!!! Thank you again.

– James W.

Mat and Jake were wonderful. They were friendly, explained things well, and cleaned up perfectly after their work. Jim was also pleasant to work with, and his efforts to resolve and issue were greatly appreciated, and will keep me coming back to Answer so long as I’m in the area, and recommending the company to family and friends.

– Tara W.

“Matthew & Jake were friendly, polite, efficient & didn’t mind telling or showing us what they were doing as the project proceeded. The new furnace is so quiet we can barely tell when it’s running!”

– Dan & Sandy H.