Matt N.

Matt N.


6 Reviews

During a customer follow up call Jim stated, “it was enjoyable to have Matt here, he knew exactly what needed to be fixed., and took care of it. He wore boot covers even though I told him he didn’t need to.”  

During a follow up call with the customer he stated that “Matt is a real good kid, very polite, good job I would like to request him anytime I need someone to come out in the future.”

During a follow up call I spoke to Maggie from Saginaw. She stated that Matt was very, very polite and kind. Wore is boot covers, absolutely a 5 star on his service.

Matt was absolutely phenomenal! He did a really good job. He showed me things that I should-could do with my system that I never knew or was shown before. He is a real gem in your company. A one service.!