Dual Fuel Systems

Dual Fuel Systems

A dual fuel system sounds more high tech than it really is. 

It can positively solve a lot of issues for Michigan homeowners, but it is really nothing more than a combined heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system composed of a heat pump and a furnace, typically gas or oil. 

Twice As Good

The dual fuel system has got the best of both types of heating, allowing more homeowners, especially Midland residents, to take advantage of the efficiency of a heat pump. Our Answer Heating & Cooling professionals are handling more and more requests for these installations than ever before.

How Does It Work?

heat pump works differently than a furnace in that it removes the heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your home. A furnace actually uses its fuel—gas or oil—to create its own heat. When it is time to cool your Michigan home, the heat pump process works in reverse by removing your home’s heat and sending it outdoors.

A dual fuel system relies on the heat pump to act as your air conditioner when needed, then turn around and heat your home when the time comes. 

However, a heat pump can only work at its highest efficiency when outside temperatures remain above 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So after the temps outdoors dip below what is specified for your particular heat pump model, the furnace then takes over on the heating side of things. 

It is a tag-team affair, which opens up the geographical possibilities for heat pumps since colder temperatures can now be handled.

Advantages of a Dual Fuel System

Having a combination system like this definitely offers advantages over either just a heat pump or furnace alone. The biggest plus is the efficiency of the system. 

The efficient heat pump cools in the summer by removing hot air from your Midland home, meaning it works throughout the entire year. Once the coldest weather hits, the furnace kicks in to warm your home when temperatures fall below what your heat pump can handle. 

The above scenarios equate to lower energy costs—saving you money. Because with an efficient system, less energy use means less cost in the long run. 

Though the initial installation of both a heat pump and furnace combo will cost more than installing only one of them alone, in just a few years, you very well may recoup your investment via money saved on energy bills. 

You will also highly benefit from the fact that if you are purchasing a dual fuel system, you are not purchasing an air conditioner.

Annual maintenance cost is another area where the dual fuel system is an advantage. Instead of needing separate appointments for a furnace in the fall and an air conditioner in the spring, you require only one appointment for both the heat pump and furnace simultaneously.

The US Department of Energy recommends annual HVAC maintenance to help improve your system’s efficiency and your Michigan home’s comfort. Like so many preventative HVAC processes, regular maintenance saves you money over time by helping to ward off unexpected repairs and costly emergency breakdowns.

Talk to Us About a Dual Fuel System for Your Home

If this type of system is something you are considering for your Midland, MI home, get in touch with our trained and knowledgeable Answer Heating & Cooling professionals at 989-695-9461 or request service online. We look forward to discussing just how much the how a dual fuel system can benefit your home and pocketbook. Home comfort is our priority.

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